Terms Of Service

Acceptable Uploads

We want to allow every image in the world onto our servers but there has to be some restrictions to comply with laws, and plain common sense.

Under no circumstances, should you upload any content that:

Using our service for commerical use is fine, but please take into consideration of our hosting costs. A donation would be very appreciated.

All uploads you submit are the sole property of you. Uploads are not publicly shared on our website, and wherever you share your upload links is your responsibility on who clicks the links.

If an upload is found to violate our Terms Of Service, they will be removed without warning and local authorities will be informed if the offending material is serious. Information linked to such material will be handed over to assist them.

If an IP ban is acted upon, all uploads associated with that IP address will be permanently deleted. They will not be restored under any circumstances.

Service Guarantee

Our service is free to use and provided via dedicated servers that we rent for use. Our server provider delivers the network, hardware and power to allow our servers to reach the online world, however there may be times where downtime can occur that is out of our control. Whilst we will keep in touch with our server provider in the event of a network, hardware or power issue, we can't guarantee a 100% uptime service.

From time to time, we may also perform updates to our operating systems and website software, which may require a full system restart. This is not mentioned beforehand and can happen anytime. In some cases, we may throw the website into maintenance mode and provide a short reason for such maintenance.

All uploads are stored on a redundant disk array which will protect all data in the event of a disk failure. We do run backups as much as we can, however we encourage our users to create backups of their own in the event of a catastrophic failure where all data is lost.

Reporting Offending Uploads

Please submit your abuse reports to our abuse/DMCA page, and select the Abuse option in the dropdown menu. Please include links to the uploads(s) you are reporting and your e-mail address.

Storage Limitations

As a free image host where its funding is relied on by advertisements and donations, we are limited to what disk space we can afford. You should not upload content in masses that would consume too much disk space unnecessarily. Any uploads found to be mass-uploaded without approval will be deleted without warning, and your IP address banned.

If you wish to perform a mass-upload (e.g migrating from one image host to another), please send us a general enquiry. Please include the IP address that you will perform the mass upload from. We can then mark your IP as trusted to avoid being deleted without warning and/or banned.

There is no restriction on how much disk space you can use, but this restriction is in place to prevent disk space from running out too quickly, and preventing others from using the service fairly.


We actively moderate all uploads that come onto our servers. This is to ensure no uploads are violating the Terms of Service. We have the power to delete offending uploads at our own discretion. Generally, most offending uploads are viewed then deleted by the moderators and administrators of our website, and never shared with any 3rd parties. Under extremely rare circumstances where the content uploaded is a serious offence, they may be shared with law enforcements, providing full copies of the content and logs related to the upload to help with an investigation.

The Terms Of Service is likely to change at anytime without prior notice.

Please make it a regular occurrence to check the terms of service to see if there are any changes.